Rock and Roll Is Dead

Today, when you listen to popular radio  stations you don’t hear rock—you hear pop. From the ‘60s to the ‘90s, rock was generally the most popular form of music. Now, it seems that rock is fading. There are bands, like The Black Keys, that are still producing rock music, but even their music has changed […]

Staff Editorial:Don’tBeTrashy, Have Some Pride

Students at Laguna are often challenged by their teachers, their courses, their coaches; for the most part students succeed in rising to those challenges. With the academic rigor, creativity and moral code Laguna asks of its students, we frequently fail to fulfill one request — picking up our trash after lunch. Specifically, with trash in […]

Laguna’s One-Man Wrestling Team: Isaac Baron

Q: When did you start wrestling? A: I started wrestling the summer between eighth and ninth grade but wasn’t planning to join the school team because I planned on playing soccer. However, I ended up joining the team after the football coach took the team into the wrestling room at San Marcos, and we practiced […]