Is College Overrated?

It seems as if there is a polarized debate on this subject: on one hand there are those who believe that it is a necessary and a safer bet to choose higher education; on the other hand, there are those who maintain that universities are a scam that only select students who will benefit their […]

Coachella Preview Review

Coachella is a festival that is looked forward to by thousands of people. Some of those people include the students of the school. The anticipation for the line-up each year grows because the popularity of the festival has been increasing each festival season. Last year’s line-up was fantastic. The line-up included OutKast, Arcade Fire, Lana […]

Woodworking for WildAid

Students at Laguna pass the time in a variety of unique ways; hobbies can range from sports, to crafts, to performing arts. Phillip Hicks ‘16 has a very uncommon hobby. In the ninth grade, he started making and selling handcrafted pens. “My dad got me started on woodworking. Over time, we made a few different […]